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Is Your Home’s Plumbing Winter-Ready?

Make sure your home’s plumbing is ready for winter weather!


Each year, homeowners experience problems with pipes in their homes freezing and issues stemming from winter weather. Some cold-weather plumbing problems can be avoided when a homeowner does what is necessary for winterizing plumbing in their house. 


Wrap Plumbing Pipes 

When winterizing plumbing, it’s important to wrap pipes in any area of your home that’s not heated. Pipe insulation, as well as heat tape, can be purchased at a local hardware store.


Check Water Pressure 

It is possible to check a home’s water pressure with a gauge that can be purchased from a local hardware store. At Reliant Plumbing, we recommend a home’s water pressure be between 40 and 80 pounds per inch (PPI). If you do not have proper water pressure or don’t know how to check, contact us for an inspection! Excessive water pressure can damage pipes as well as faucets, valves, cause a problem with leakage and more. 


Winter Travel 

Traveling during the winter months is common, and nobody wants to go on a trip and worry about their pipes bursting! There are some things Reliant Plumbing recommends homeowners do to minimize potential plumbing problems when traveling. 


  • Drain all the water out of the home’s pipes. This can be done by turning off a home’s main water supply. Then open all the spigots and faucets in the home until the water stops coming out. 
  • Maintain the home’s heat a bit above where it is normally kept. This will help prevent pipes from freezing. It will also make certain your home’s indoor air temperature is always above freezing. 
  • Turn off the main water supply until you return. 


Water Heater 

The last thing you want to deal with in the middle of winter is a broken water heater! A standard water heater usually needs to be replaced every 12 years. Upgrading to a new water heater is often considered to be a significant investment, but it is better than dealing with a failed unit during the cold months. Upgrading your water heater will also help you avoid the chances of having a water heater burst and flood a basement, laundry room or garage when the temperature outside is well below freezing. 


Sump Pump 

A sump pump will help protect a home should there be flooding in the basement. When your home has a sump pump, it is important to make certain it is in good working order prior to cold temperatures arriving. The team at Reliant Plumbing can examine your home’s sump pump and make certain it is ready for the winter. 


Faucet Dripping 

If your concern is your home’s pipes bursting during winter, a few handy tricks can help you avoid disaster! By leaving a faucet drip when temperatures are below freezing, you allow the water to continue flowing, lowering the chances of burst pipes. There are three things that will have to happen to make this effective. It has to be done at the right time. Many plumbing experts recommend doing this when the temperature goes below 20 degrees. The second thing is to use a faucet that is the longest distance from a home’s main water entry point. The third thing is to realize this won’t keep pipes from freezing. It can prevent frozen pipes from bursting. This happens when the water inside a pipe freezes and expands. An intentionally dripping faucet will prevent a pipe from retaining water. 


Run Water And Open Cabinets 

When it gets extremely cold outside, it is recommended that you run water and open the cabinets in your house. Reliant Plumbing recommends this to permit warm air in a home to circulate around pipes. This is especially helpful for pipes located under sinks. 


Drain Sprinkler System 

If your home has a sprinkler system, it’s important to drain it prior to the arrival of colder temperatures. Doing this significantly decreases the chances of these pipes rupturing during the winter. All water hoses should be well-drained and stored indoors before the winter months arrive. 


Trust Reliant Plumbing to Winterize Your Plumbing

Making sure your home’s plumbing gets through the cold winter months without any problems is important. It’s possible to not be aware of everything involved with preparing your house for temperatures that go below freezing. Our team will be able to detect any potential problems with an inspection and correct them quickly and efficiently. Reliant Plumbing has the plumbing knowledge and experience necessary to identify any potential issues. We know what is necessary to keep your home’s plumbing working efficiently during the coldest months of the year. Contact us today to learn more.

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