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4 Things to Consider When Installing a New Toilet

The toilet is part of our everyday life, and it’s important that when it’s time to replace it, you are doing everything you can to avoid future issues. Here are some things you need to know and look out for when you want to replace a new toilet in your home. Many people think replacing is the toilet is just taking off the old and placing on the new—but it’s not that simple. There are some thing to know and look out for when replacing a toilet in your home.

  1. Ensure the proper fit. Plumbing code actually dictates how your toilet should fit in your bathroom, particularly the distance between the toilet and the wall, vanity, shower, etc. If you have a sizeable bathroom, we actually recommend creating even more space to the front and sides of your toilet to ensure that your bathroom is comfortable for all visitors or future residents. See below for our recommended layout:
  2. Replace the water supply line. This is the line that leads from the tank of the toilet to the wall. This supply line has a life span of 6 to 8 years and it’s best to replace at the time of install. If you expect to have the toilet in for a long time, we recommend a soft copper supply line which last longer than the normal stainless steel.
  3. Don’t overlook angle stops. These shut off water to the toilet if there’s a leak. It’s in your best interest to make sure this is replaced at the time of install to ensure there are no problems down the way. Note, there are two types of angle stops: quarter-turn and multi-turn. If you can request it, it’s always better to have a quarter-turn angle stop.
  4. Caulk the escutcheon correctly. It’s so important that the escutcheon (also known as the chrome plate on the wall by the angle stop) is caulked correctly. If this step is missed or if it’s not done correctly, this can cause water damage to the wall if the toilet leaks.
  5. Consider your toilet flange. The toilet flange is the part of the toilet that secures the unit to the floor. The height and levelness of it can determine the size of the wax ring you need. There are two type of rings that can be used: wax or plastic. We prefer the wax as it’s a better seal and it lasts longer. The plastic can dry rot.

These are important things to ask your plumber about when scheduling an install. Once your toilet is perfectly installed, proper maintenance will ensure you avoid costly issues in the future. If you still haven’t decided on a the right replacement toilet, our Toilet Shopping Guide can help!

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