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Why is My Water Heater Leaking?

Because water heaters are one of your most expensive plumbing components, most homeowners panic when they see water standing (or hopefully just dripping!) around their water heater. Water heater issues can definitely be daunting, but many things can actually be repaired or may even be covered under warranty. However, some causes of that leak mean you need to replace your water heater right away. Read below for some of the mots common causes of a water heater leak.

Top Causes of a Water Heater Leak

Leak in the Supply Lines

Many customers experience their supply lines leaking to their water heaters due to hard water and/or high-water pressure in the water lines which could be caused by a failing PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve). Due to the connections at the water heater being made of dissimilar metals like galvanized and brass pipes, this can cause corrosion at a rapid pace. In this case, dialectic unions will need to be installed after replacing the corroded pipes.

Tank Leaking

There are many items on the water heater that can be repaired. However, leaking water heater tanks on conventional tank style water heaters are not one of them. If you can visibly see a hole or crack in the tank, it is time to replace your water heater. Sometimes the elements in electric water heaters go bad causing the threads at the connection to leak. Please check manufacturer warranties by calling the number on the water heater. They may want the serial and model number which can be also found on the unit.

Boiler Drain Leaking

Often, the gasket on the boiler drain can fail. This can cause water to fill up in the pan completely and overflow causing water damage. It is not recommended to cap the line as a solution rather its best to let a professional like Reliant Plumbing take care of it for you.

T&P Relief Valve Malfunctioning or Modified

Your T&P valve is a safety mechanism designed to detect the water heater pressure inside the tank before it can cause an explosion. When the pressure from the hot water steam inside the tank gets too high, the excess is released through this valve.Often, the gaskets go bad in the valve constantly causing it to leak. Never cap this line as it could lead to serious injury or death. Instead, call Reliant Plumbing and have a professional install one of the most important valves in your home or business. 

Roof Flashing Leaking

In some cases, it’s not your water heater at all, it’s actually your roof. Roof Flashing is installed to surround roof features, such as vents, chimneys and skylights. This is crucial if you own a gas water heater. The gas water heaters require gas vent piping that vent out the gas from the water heater to escape from the roof. At this connection is a roof flashing that can sometimes fail and start leaking. Due to the hazardous nature of gas, it is imperative you have an insured company like Reliant Plumbing fix your leak so you don’t cause any harm to your home or business.


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